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April 15th, 2009

If you own a cat, dog, rabbit, gold fish or most commonly domesticated farm animals and have no desire to own anything more interesting, no one you care about with any desire therein, and pretty much disdain the trade of all animals that don't fit into the list above, read no further. this does not concern you.

If you enjoy owning ferrets, hamsters, reptiles, tropical fish, small mammals, parakeets , birds and parrots, and anything in the pet trade that that is NOT a cat, dog, goldfish or farm animal. THIS GREATLY CONCERNS YOU.

HR 669 Nonnative Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act
( http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bil.....?bill=h111-669 )
Prevents the sale, trade, adoption, breeding and transportation of 'alternative' pets across state lines.

In laymans' terms this means:
-you can no longer buy trade sell or adopt these animals.
-if your exotic vet is across state lines you cannot take them there.
-additionally do not plan on moving out of state.
-common childhood pets such as hamsters, parakeets and guppies would be affected
-if two of your tropical fish have babies, even by accident, they could be confiscated and destroyed. (this is true of all 'alternative pets' but anyone who's owned a guppy or other livebearer knows how hard this is to prevent.)
-if you own an animal that eats live prey such as mice and rats you will no longer be able to obtain food for it.

Stand up and say NO! Write congress or attend your next meeting and ask why they want to take away your pets!
Thousands of people i this country with allergies rely on the alternative pet trade for their companion animals! Not to mention all of the pet stores that could potentially close and the employees that would lose their jobs.
I am sure there are enough people who rely on the exotic pet trade to live, and it will not pass, but if enough of us don't make our voice heard, how can we be sure?

Visit http://www.pijac.org/ or the link above for more info.
Yes, pet trade and bad pet ownership needs to be controlled.
This is not the way.

Current Mood: angryangry

February 20th, 2009

11:21 pm: Z'OMG! Baby Lizards! XD
H'ok, so. I'd almost given up. But now, FOUR MONTHS LATER  My baby geckos have hatched!!! gleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~

they're so adorable my squigldyspooch hurts.
No names yet. I'm relatively certain they're both females. (due to temperature dependent sex determination) And both look to be whole and healthy.
YAY baby geckos!!!

Current Mood: bouncyGLEE!

December 26th, 2008

04:59 pm: free art friday #3...
FAF #2 was a total bust... No requests!
therefor only TWO slots for FAF #3

make your requests people.

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December 20th, 2008

05:34 pm: Free art friday!
make your requests HERE!

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December 12th, 2008

05:47 pm: Practice makes perfect <3 CLOSED~
I was writing a report at work today and before I was even done with the page my hand started to hurt.
Which is a bad omen, considering I hope to be taking commissions at a convention very soon and I need my arting skills in top form!
I need to build up some stamina people! And you're invited to help.
To be perfectly fair, this idea was partially inspired by a post by Jai, but I really need the work out so here goes.

The plan:
This week three sketches (I want to start out slow, since I'm out of practice.) To be done BY or ON next friday. One of which will be completed in inks and maybe colored. (To be decided based on how good I think it is)
Your part?
Inspire me.
First three requests get drawn. (Simple stuff, & PG13 rating or less)

My hope is to eventually have it up to ten sketches per week, up to three or four colored.

Ok then! Let's get those comments rolling!

EDIT: Take three!

1.) Pinup-with-a-gun Citrus forFilthyRotten
2.) Matsumoto Katsu and Justice for Hana-chan and Tsu-chan
3.)Michael Shanks as a bunny for Ulf

Current Mood: artisticartistic

August 10th, 2008

05:57 pm: A good day!
Went to Stone mountain with my boyfriend on wendsday. We climbed it, ate PB&J's at the summit. Best sammiches (barring post coital sammiches) evar.  Sprained my foot on the way down. The nature garden is all nature and no garden! What a rip off... A Snake! Ooooh a Snake! But what kind? Later research shows that it was in fact a water snake. I forget what species. The laser show 25th anniversary spectacular... not so spectacular actually.  Won't be staying for the show again. Current plans find me with intentions of going back every other week. Because I need to loose weight. Why you ask? That's pointless? I find 6000 dollars fairly pointed, thank you.
~later days.

Current Mood: chippercrack!

November 15th, 2007

02:33 pm: Artistic Massichism

I just volonteered myself for art.

The first ten people to post a comment get a free sketch of thier choice. (pg-13, people.)

Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated

June 15th, 2007

12:23 am: long over due

an old post about the Diru concert.

Current Mood: artisticartistic
Current Music: Boats and Birds- gregory and the hawk

January 29th, 2007

02:11 am: For those of you that didn't yet know:
I'm going to be an aunt!
(those of you who do not care may go elsewhere now.)

My brother's fiance is preggers, and has been for a while.
Keegan Vincent Parten (as it will be a nephew. Yay!) 
Is sceduled to be born on the 15th of febuary, the same day that the last 
Naruto filler ep is suposed to air. An excelent date indeed!
Except that I'm going to be in Vir-frikin-ginia. 
Here's hoping he's a little early or a little late!

Everytime my phone rings now I freak out. 
I can't wait! I hope I get to play a biger part for him than I do for most of my 
other nieces/nephews...

Current Mood: amusedEnthused

January 17th, 2007

12:47 am: Cosplay plans!
Cosplay plans for this year!

Time-Jump Hinata: 20%finished (pants and undershirt!)
needed- jacket, shoes, haircut!
Anbu Hinata: 15% finished (mask!)
needed- cloak, shirt, vest, pants.
Samus Aran: 0% finished (><;)

I know there's more that you people want to con me into, so give me some ideas.

Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: last unicorn
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